Weeks 1-3 Recap

Well, I am three weeks into training and feeling strong. I’m still motivated this early on, even in the dreary weather!

Because I am training for long distance running plus short triathlons, it’s a bit of a puzzle to fit it all in. I described the basic alternating week format in my last post, but this is how it actually shook out:

January 23 – January 29

  • Swim: 40 min / 1,575 yards
  • Bike: 1 h 29 min / Les Mills RPM + stationary
  • Run: 1 h 34 min / 8.8 miles
  • Strength: 2 h / Les Mills BodyPump + upper body

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Triathlon training – for real now

A lot has happened since I last posted! Since I started physical therapy for my foot, I have been progressing quickly. My goal was to get to bike and run as quickly and sensibly as possible.

I was nervous about standing on the bike, since there is a segment of each revolution during which one foot is bearing all the weight. First, I tried an upright stationary bike with programmable workouts (not a spinning bike) during PT. That didn’t go so well… I could not get the resistance to go up high enough to support a real standing climb. So, I took it upon myself to try it on a spinning bike at a local YMCA. I did 8 minutes, then 10, then 15, and tried standing for bits in between. I started with regular training shoes, then my cycling shoes with SPD cleats. This progression built my confidence enough to try riding outside for the first time!

The ride was 7.3 miles at 12.3 miles an hour. It was the windiest ride I’ve ever been on, so I was uncomfortable, cold, and nervous. I broke off from the route Bruno had planned and cut it short a bit. Close to the end, my body had relaxed a bit and I remembered that I really love cycling. I’m excited to try again tomorrow! I’m not quite (mentally) ready to get on my road bike and clip in, and I have a feeling my foot will be ready faster than my head will be 🙂

On the running front, I told my physical therapist early this week I was ready to start running. I have been doing some stuff on the elliptical and some fast walking, and I felt it’s time. She had me try the treadmill and run at a comfortable pace, and I discovered it was actually less painful than walking! So, we’ve been upping the speed and distance since, and today I completed my first outdoor run of 1.83 miles!! I’m feeling very accomplished.

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Today's spinning and run combo was many post-surgery firsts: First brick workout, first outdoor run, first run in the snow, first #lesmillsrpm class, first run above 1 mile! 🏆 Thanks @beccarun for running with me, I would have stopped without you there. Nothing crazy, 45 minutes on a stationary bike and 1.83 miles at 11:17 pace… But my foot feels great and my heart is full. 💗 And of course, we celebrated with breakfast 🍳☕️ Day 6 of triathlon training complete! — #️⃣#tritraining #trilife #brickworkout #swimbikerun #triathlontraining #triathleteintraining #triathleteinthemaking #saturdaymorning #outsideisfree #wymtm #mileschangeyou #madebymiles #mizunorunning #mizunowave #workoutdone #runoutside #runner #runnerspace #snowyday #trigirl #runnergirl #weekendworkout #roadtoironman #irunthisbody

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These milestones got my triathlon training off to great start. My workouts this week were:

  • Monday: Strength training – leg day | Swim 550yd
  • Tuesday: Run 2 x 0.5 miles at 11:30 pace
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Strength training – upper body | Swim lesson 1 hr
  • Friday: Run 0.7 miles at 11:00 pace
  • Saturday: Brick Les Mills RPM™ + 1.83 miles at 11:17 pace
  • Sunday: 10 mile ride (planned)

I’m icing and elevating my foot for the rest of the afternoon, because I’ve found that I get better results with my recovering foot if I mind the rest as much as I mind the progress.

My next big milestone is getting on my road bike. Stay tuned for that!


PGH Marathon training – Week 2/16

Run like it’s freezing and you are trying to get somewhere warm… Because it is true.

Winter finally came to town. With single digit temperatures and negative real feels I am extremely grateful for thermal wear, keeping me away from the nefarious dreadmill.

It is only week 2, and excuses are already trying to sneak their way into my training. The run on Wednesday was a group run organized by a local running store, and it is usually around 3 miles at 8:30 min/mile. So, I regularly use it as an easier pace recovery run. This week it was faster and longer, and I wanted to use that as an excuse to an easier hill workout on Thursday. But I resisted.

The HIIT class I took on Saturday involved a lot of leg work (barbell squats and lots of squat jumps with a plate). On Sunday, I woke up with sore legs and the weather app said 8F. I wanted to cancel my long run or do a shorter easier route. But, once again, I managed to resist and I did a bit slow but decent long run. 

The runing total for this week is 25.42 miles with an average pace and cadence of 7:30 min/mile and 164 steps per minute. 

Menu of the week

This week’s menu consisted of two meals:

  • Brown-rice chunk crab cakes / radish and cucumber salad
  • Teriyaki baked pork chops / mashed potatoes / baked asparagus
  • On the weekend we tried this highly recommendable protein pancake recipe

The crab cakes were based on this recipe that me and my wife have been using for years. However, this time, we made some adjustments to make  it healthier. First, we reduced the proportion of rice, and we used brown rice instead of white rice. Second, we realized that surimi has a lot of carbs, so we substituted half the surimi with chunky yellow-fin tuna. Third, instead of frying them, we baked them (20min each side at 375). They tasted great!!