Let the training begin

Well, here we are. Week 1 of 37. THIRTY-SEVEN.

Bruno and I are going to be training for 8 events this year (he’s doing 9, actually), and the training starts now and won’t end until October. My list is below:

The way we handling this is by focusing on a couple events at once. Bruno created a training plan for me, and right now I’m focused on the Richmond Tri and the Buffalo Half.

Triathlon goals

I don’t have any grandiose goals for my first triathlon, other than to finish gracefully. Time-wise, this is what I am conservatively estimating:

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Run Turismo: San Francisco Edition

My job involves short trips once in a while, and easy-pace running is a great way to explore the locations, take some pics, and get in some miles while on a tight schedule. This week’s trip to San Francisco was particularly busy. I was interviewing with different potential employers holding interviews in different hotel suites spread across downtown. I ended up accumulating 93,651 steps in 4 days, and enjoying a few trips up Nob Hill.

In terms of running, I was able to squeeze in a couple of short early-morning runs, and a longer leisurely run along the bay shore and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Overall, I found San Francisco to be a wonderful and very interesting city for running:

  • Some of the steepest hills I’ve encountered
  • Remarkably nice running weather in early January
  • Spectacular views
  • Like in any big touristy city, crowded roads can be a bit of a hassle

I didn’t get to do as much exploring as I would have liked to, but I loved the parts I did explore. It was a wonderful experience and my biggest disappointment is that none of the places interviewing me are based in San Francisco. I completely recommend it!!

Is there a half-a-mile without a climb in this town?
Nob Hill
I came back during the day to take a picture of the hill

On my first two days in town, I was busy from 8 to 8 and completely exhausted after that. So, the only time for running was early in the morning, and I had to run around my hotel near Union Square. I’m very glad that the neighbourhood is full of super-steep streets like the ones  you see in movies. I am a sucker for a nice climbing workout, and I didn’t want to leave town without going up a few of its famous hills!

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