Day 11: Hung over.

After the first couple of days, the pain of surgery starts to go away. This is mostly due to the heavy dosages of pain killers, but I pay close attention to my pain levels before and after taking  a pill to know if the dose can be reduced. I do not like to take these painkillers so I try to get off them as quickly as possible.

Immediately after surgery, I was taking the following:

  • 5mg Oxycodone HCL every 3 hours = 8 pills a day
  • 500mg Cephalexin (Antibiotic) every 6 hours = 4 pills a day
  • 10mg Oxycodone HCL ER every 12 hours = 2 pills a day

After almost one week, I started to reduce as follows:

  • May 2 – reduce 5mg Oxycodone to 6 pills a day
  • May 4 – reduce 5mg Oxycodone to 4 pills a day
  • May 7 – reduce 5mg Oxycodone to 2 pills a day

The antibiotics run out today (you take 40 pills until they are gone), so by tonight I will be taking:

  • 5mg Oxycodone HCL every 12 hours = 2 pills a day
  • 10mg Oxycodone HCL ER every 12 hours = 2 pills a day

So, in about 5 day’s time, I went from 12 pills a day to 4, and this has effects on my body. It feels exactly like being hung over: headache, light sensitivity, slightly irritable, nausea. Because of that, getting off the painkillers is the second worst hurdle to overcome in recovery (the first is making it past day 2).

It’s a hurdle not just because of the hangover, but also because since you’re off the meds you aren’t sleeping as much, so you are immobile and awake, which leads to boredom, backaches, frustration, desperation, etc. I would say this is the time when most people question whether it was the right thing to do. Despite feeling miserable, I say this with certainty: yes, this surgery was the absolute right thing to do.

I will stick to 4 painkillers a day until Monday (May 9), and then go down to 2 until Wednesday (May 11). My goal is to be completely off the painkillers by late Wednesday/early Thursday.

Wish me luck as I push through this uncomfortable phase! Once I’m on the other side, it should be smooth sailing. ⛵️



Day 8: First post-op appointment

Surgery was exactly one week ago today. This means I had my first official post-op appointment today.

My foot has felt great so I didn’t expect anything unusual. We also got a peek at the wounds and results last Friday when we got the bandages loosened, so I already knew there was no external pin.

My only goal this week was to get rid of the splint. Success! The doctor was very pleased so they just wrapped it up in bandages and gave me a new fancy boot.  I put the boot on every time I get up just in case I lose my balance and instinctively put my foot down to catch myself. Still no weight bearing though, until about week 7 or 8.

Next appointment is in one week, and the big milestone then is to get permission to work from home. Fingers crossed!

Keep reading to see a gruesome up-close picture of my foot from today.

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Triathlon training postponed


So, this happened.

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Back to square one. Five months after my first surgery, I realized I wasn't where I needed to be to train hard. I could walk, and drive, and exercise, and swim, but running and riding was still a little painful and I could not push myself to the level I wanted for my first triathlon in late June. So, I decided to get the second surgery over with. This way the recoveries will overlap, and when I'm ready to train again I know I won't have to start all over a year or two later. 🔸First milestone: 6 weeks, upper body training can begin again! 🔸Second milestone: 7-8 weeks, weight bearing with the boot. 🔸Third milestone: 11-12 weeks, swimming! — #️⃣#surgery #footsurgery #surgeryrecovery #bunion #bunions #bunionectomy #bunionsurgery #pain #ouch #couchpotato #healing #nomoretraining #pause #break #startingover #round2 #onemoretime #lasttime #onceandforall #triathlete #goals #comingbackstronger #betterthanever

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The last post I wrote was very optimistic. I had gotten on the bike and tried my first brick workout. I felt great.

However, the Sunday after the brick workout Bruno and I went to Ithaca for the weekend. We rode our bikes a little bit and walked around, and by the end of the weekend my foot was sore, swollen, and throbbing. On our way back, we had a sudden realization in the car: I can’t train yet.

My foot is not really ready to train yet 😦

So, should I just get the other surgery? I went to see my doctor the very next day. There are many factors that helped me make the decision, and long story short, we decided to replace triathlons with another recovering foot this year.

I will try to post a little snippet of my second recovery daily, because this is once and for all and I want to be able to remember. Check back daily to ride this roller coaster with me!

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