PGH Marathon 2016

Next big race on the horizon

The 2016 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon. I would love to meet my Boston qualifying standard (3:05), but, for now, I will be satisfied as long I manage a 7:15 min/mile pace for a 3:10:00 finish.


Last May in Pittsburgh, I ran my first marathon in 3:31:43 (nowhere near my BQ target). I was just happy to finish, specially since I was still recovering from a hamstring injury and was able to train a lot less that I would have liked. Now I am much better with my form and cadence, I’ve managed to stay injury free since, and I want another shot at it. I’m still not sure whether I’ll get my BQ on this one (or wait until September), but I can definitely get closer.

Training plan

I scheduled a sixteen-week training plan starting today!! #GameOnPGH  You can see the whole plan on this link. A typical week contains

    • 3 run workouts: one hard (track or hills), one tempo, and one long
    • 2 pool workouts
    • 2 lifting sessions
    • 1 Les Mills GRIT® HIIT workout
    • 1 Fitology‘s triple workout consisting of 30min on a stationary bike, 30min  of weight lifting and 30min of core training
    • In the last few weeks, 1 bike ride (in preparation for my wife and I’s first (!)  triathlon in June)

The plan also features

#yinzrunlikejagoffs #runnerofsteel