Let the training begin

Well, here we are. Week 1 of 37. THIRTY-SEVEN.

Bruno and I are going to be training for 8 events this year (he’s doing 9, actually), and the training starts now and won’t end until October. My list is below:

The way we handling this is by focusing on a couple events at once. Bruno created a training plan for me, and right now I’m focused on the Richmond Tri and the Buffalo Half.

Triathlon goals

I don’t have any grandiose goals for my first triathlon, other than to finish gracefully. Time-wise, this is what I am conservatively estimating:

400 m swim — est. 11 min

20K bike — est. 45 min

5K run  — est. 29 min

Goal: ~ 1 h 25 min + transition times 🙂

Half marathon goals

I finished my first half marathon in 2 h 14 minutes and I was destroyed. I almost gave up on mile 11, and my knees would not bend after I crossed the finish. It was so miserable I stopped running for 2 years.

My goal this time around is to get a new personal record, and not be destroyed at the end. This time I am doing a lot of speed and hill work, as well as very thoughtful cross-training. Oh, and I don’t have bunions anymore, so at least I know my feet won’t hurt 🙂

Goal: < 2 h 14 min

Combined training

Training for these two events at the same time is challenging, but I think I have a good plan. There are basically two types of weeks in the training, and they alternate. Here’s what they look like:

Week 1

  • Mon — rest
  • Tue — speed/hill work run
  • Wed — hard swim | easy lift
  • Thur — Les Mills RPM
  • Fri — easy swim | hard lift
  • Sat — long ride
  • Sun — long run

1 rest day, 1 speed/hill workout, 2 swims, 2 lifts, 1 RPM class, 1 long ride, 1 long run

Week 2

  • Mon — rest
  • Tue — speed/hill work run
  • Wed — swim | hard lift
  • Thur — speed/hill work bike
  • Fri — run | easy lift
  • Sat — easy swim | Les Mills GRIT (HIIT)
  • Sun — bike/run brick

1 rest day, 2 speed/hill workouts, 2 swims, 2 lifts, 1 GRIT class, 1 brick

So, let the countdown begin!

Richmond Sprint Triathlon: 89 days

Buffalo Half Marathon: 124 days


Author: Day

On the road to Ironman..starting with learning to walk again.

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