PGH Marathon training – Week 6 of 16

After Pittsburgh, I’ll have 1 week rest and then 6 weeks to train for my first (!) triathlon. So, I decided to incorporate some swimming and cycling to my training starting now. I’ve been swimming for a while, but this week I did my first ride of the year, and it went great (which is good so I don’t have to feel bad about slacking a bit on my running).

First ride of the season

I planed my bike ride for Wednesday afternoon, but the weather was awful and I didn’t have time to do it before dusk. So, I rescheduled it to Friday and joined my wife at the gym instead. However, I was feeling tired and not very motivated Friday and I decided to ditch it all together. Fortunately, the weather on Saturday was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t resist going out for a nice hour-long ride.

Ups and downs in running

I’m not entirely happy with my running this week. First, I scheduled less miles than usual because I was expecting to do the bike ride. Second, I was planning to do a hard track workout, but decided to go for an easy run with a friend instead. Finally, my legs were extremely sore from my bike ride after 3 months of not riding my bike, so I had to cut my long run short from the planned 15 miles, to 13.9 miles. On the bright side, I designed the course to include a lot of Strava segments and I got a lot of trophies 🙂

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I love using Strava segments as motivation to push my pace on the road, trying to match other local runners. — I planed a course full of segments for today's long run. I did pretty well with two CRs, two second Places and other two top ten finishes!! — I feel I'm on the right path to get my first BQ at the Pittsburgh marathon in May #GameOnPGH — #marathontraining #marathonpace #marathonrunner #pghmarathon #pittsburghmarathon #hellobetter #stravaproveit #stravarun #stravarunning #runnershigh #runnerslife #runnerscommunity #runnerofsteel #runnerspace #trilife #swimbikerun #roadtoironman #beatyesterday #newtonrunning #nevernotrunning #bqtraining #runitfast #longrun #welcometothegrind #longrunsunday #triathlete #fitfamily #outsideisbetter #happyrun

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Menu of the week

When I started with meal preps (around one year ago) I used to cook grilled chicken breasts with rice and boiled broccoli almost every week. I don’t do it that often any more, but it is still one of my favorite dishes. I cooked some tuna patties, but the best meals of the week go to my wife’s Teriyaki shrimp, and her turkey meatballs. Altogether, we had:

  • Grilled chicken breasts with brown rice and boiled broccoli
  • Tuna/quinoa cakes with radish and cucumber salad
  • Teriyaki shrimp served with quinoa and mixed greens salad
  • Turkey meatballs with tomato sauce and zucchini spaghetti



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Can't spell Bruno without a run. I do game theory between long runs.

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