PGH Marathon training – Week 4/16

Can’t believe one fourth (!) of this training cycle is over. On the upside, I am feeling strong, am still completely injury free, no more overseas travel for a while (hopefully) and I am hitting my target marathon pace. On the downside, I made some (minor) adjustments to my plan because I was feeling jet-lagged from last week,  and my total mileage seems low. This week I think the ups dominate the downs, so I’m starting to feel pretty good about this race!

Started the week with a 3-day trip to Ithaca, NY, for a job interview. Fortunately, Ithaca is just a 3 hour drive from home. So, I didn’t have to interrupt my training (like I had to last week). I got in a pretty decent workout before my trip on Monday, and I got to do some running while in Ithaca.


The town of Ithaca was build around Cornell University which, for some strange reason, was built on top of a hill and not on the valley next to it. This means that all the streets in Ithaca have crazy inclination and it is a wonderful place for a hill workout. So, that is exactly what I did. I left my hotel at 5:30 AM, found myself a nice looking hill and did as many repeats as I could before it was time to get ready for my day-long interview.

This wasn’t my first time running in Ithaca. Last year I was in town for a conference and I had time to do a couple of wonderful and tough runs around town (the Instagram post is from that time). It is certainly a great place for running (and cycling and swimming in the lake). So, I really hope I get this job. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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I registered to #run the #beattheblerch #halfmarathon today. But I was invited to a conference at #Cornell. So I continued my tradition of running around every campus where I am invited to present (this is my third one after Montreal and Stony Brook) 🏃🏻🎓 — #Ithaca is such a beautiful place. It's a shame that during the first half of my run it was too dark too take pictures 🌘🌌📷🏰 — But it is also such a hilly place. #Respect to those who live on Ithaca and still decide to take up #running. I'm never again complaining about the hills back home. I mean mile-long 29% inclines sound like a joke. 1400ft elevation gain -> I'm going to be sore for a couple of days 🗻🌄🗻 😅#hills — #runeverywhere #runturism #runexplore #travel #wonderlust #runninglife #madebymiles #runnerspace #runchat #newtonrunning #CollegeTown #nofilter #noexcuses #runbrunorun

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I came back to town on Wednesday, and although my schedule said I was supposed to do an easy run and a yoga session, I decided to take the whole day as a rest day. I also decided to cancel a cardio class on Friday afternoon. I am still jet-lagged after last week’s travelling, but the real reason for skipping workouts is that I am feeling tired and I don’t want to jump into full training mode after the small break I had to take last week. I think I’ll be able to stick to my plan and ramp up my mileage next week.

Onto happier news, I feel really  happy about my 8-miles tempo run on Thursday. I did my first mile in around 7:15 min without pushing too hard. So, I realized that if I pushed the pace a bit more I could potentially do the whole thing at my BQ pace (7:00 min/mile), and I did it! Now I just have to be able to do it 3 times in a row and I will qualify to Boston 🙂

On Sunday, I planned a special 20k-ish long run. Nixon Rd is a very low transited state highway that is just marvelous for running and happens to be just behind my house. I consider it my own personal 6 mile loop. So, I took it like a serious offense when someone took away my two Strava CRs along Nixon Rd. This Sunday I tried to recover them. I wasn’t fast enough to get both of them back, but I least I got one of them.


Nixon Rd is a state highway with wide shoulders, only-local traffic, and great scenery
I ended the week with a total of 23.82 miles at an average pace of 0:7:06 min/mile and an average cadence of 166 spm.



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