PGH Marathon training – Week 3/16

Life doesn’t care you are in the middle of your training. You cannot just pause life because you want to qualify to the Boston Marathon and need to train for it. And, sometimes, life can make it really hard to find the time you need to train.

This week, I travelled overseas for job interviews in Italy and the UK. Between all the flying, jet-lag, interviewing, switching hotels (4 in total) and not having access to my usual gyms, I knew I wouldn’t really be able to train as much as I would like to. So, this week was about remaining as fit as possible, in order to continue getting stronger next week.

  • Monday — 900yd swim
  • Tuesday — Morning: 3.19 miles run @ 7:34 min/mile around Warwickshire. Afternoon: 30 min rowing machine + push-ups
  • Wednesday — All-day job interview
  • Thursday — Travel + rest day
  • Friday — All-day job interview
  • Saturday —4.00 miles treadmill run @ 7:17 min/mile and upper body lifting session
  • Sunday 5.77 miles run @ 7:00 min/mile (BQ pace) back home

I packed  running shoes, booked hotels that had pools/gyms, and hoped I would have the time and energy to work out. Things started out well. On my first night in the UK I stayed at an adorable abbey in Warwickshire called Wroxall Abbey. The place has a pool, a rowing machine (these seem to be rather popular in the UK), and wonderful running trails around it. So, on my first night I was able to get an easy swim before going to sleep, and on the next morning I did a beautiful 5k on the surroundings.

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For a change of my usual scenery, today I'm running in Great Britain🏃🏻🏰🇬🇧🍃🌿 — So far it's been exactly what I expected: green fields, gray skies, medieval looking buildings, small cars, phone booths, and the occasional herd of sheep — Roads were flat and mostly ok for an easyish pace 5k around the Wroxall Abbey near Warwick — I did struggle a bit with 20mph cross winds. Guess nobody visits the UK for its formidable weather anyway. At least I finished my run before it started to rain. Lovely 🌬🌫 — #wroxallabbey #warwickshire #runuk #runeverywhere #runexplore #5k #runtourist #garminfenix3 #youvsyou #runtheworld #hellobetter #madebymiles #marathontraining #nevernotrunning #beatyesterday #garminrunning #garmin #run #happyrun #visituk #runengland #trilife #swimbikerun #runchat #runnerspace #runnerscommunity #roadtoironman #instarunners #pghmarathon2016

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Later that day I transferred to a different hotel (booked by my prospect employers not by me) that didn’t have a good fitness centre, but had a rowing machine. So, I rowed for about 30 minutes and then did 200 push-ups. It was my first time rowing. It felt like a great workout, but I was surprise to feel it on my hamstrings much more than in my back and arms, maybe I was doing it wrong.

The next three days were bad. Between jet-lag, all-day interviews, staying in a hotel with no fitness facilities whatsoever, travelling from the UK to Italy, and a missed flight,  I wasn’t able to workout at all :/ . At least I got more than 10k steps each day according to my Garmin.

Saturday and Sunday were better. On Saturday I stayed on an airport Holiday Inn with a decent fitness centre and I got a decent workout. On Sunday, I made it home early enough to run a few miles at BQ pace  before sunset.

I ended up with only 12.96 miles this week, with an average pace of 7:14 min/mile and a (slow) average cadence of 162 steps per minute. I hope I didn’t lose too much fitness. I’ll let you know next week.


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Can't spell Bruno without a run. I do game theory between long runs.

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