PGH Marathon training – Week 2/16

Run like it’s freezing and you are trying to get somewhere warm… Because it is true.

Winter finally came to town. With single digit temperatures and negative real feels I am extremely grateful for thermal wear, keeping me away from the nefarious dreadmill.

It is only week 2, and excuses are already trying to sneak their way into my training. The run on Wednesday was a group run organized by a local running store, and it is usually around 3 miles at 8:30 min/mile. So, I regularly use it as an easier pace recovery run. This week it was faster and longer, and I wanted to use that as an excuse to an easier hill workout on Thursday. But I resisted.

The HIIT class I took on Saturday involved a lot of leg work (barbell squats and lots of squat jumps with a plate). On Sunday, I woke up with sore legs and the weather app said 8F. I wanted to cancel my long run or do a shorter easier route. But, once again, I managed to resist and I did a bit slow but decent long run. 

The runing total for this week is 25.42 miles with an average pace and cadence of 7:30 min/mile and 164 steps per minute. 

Menu of the week

This week’s menu consisted of two meals:

  • Brown-rice chunk crab cakes / radish and cucumber salad
  • Teriyaki baked pork chops / mashed potatoes / baked asparagus
  • On the weekend we tried this highly recommendable protein pancake recipe

The crab cakes were based on this recipe that me and my wife have been using for years. However, this time, we made some adjustments to make  it healthier. First, we reduced the proportion of rice, and we used brown rice instead of white rice. Second, we realized that surimi has a lot of carbs, so we substituted half the surimi with chunky yellow-fin tuna. Third, instead of frying them, we baked them (20min each side at 375). They tasted great!!


Author: brunosalcedo

Can't spell Bruno without a run. I do game theory between long runs.

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