Try some crazy glue before throwing your Newtons away

If you’ve been running in Newtons for a long time, you might have seen something like the image above. On the right, a brand new pair of Distance S III. On the left is their predecessor, same make and model, but with 400 extra miles and one less tooth.

 Nothing wrong with this. Even if the tooth was still there, it was time to replace the shoes due to their normal wear and tear. Except that Newtons can sometimes lose their teeth prematurely (only male models from what I’ve heard). And it can be very frustrating to have to throw away your relatively new shoes, especially when they are not exactly the cheapest. See for instance the Instagram post I found and some of the comments on it.

This happened to my relatively new shoes last week. I was still home, getting ready to go out for a run, and I felt it tear off. I immediately felt very frustrated but, instead of throwing the shoes away and buying a new pair, I went to the store and spent $3.99 on a super-glue tube and reattached the missing tooth.

I still don’t know how many miles I will get out of this fix, but I already took the repaired shoes out for a 10k climbing workout, and they felt great.

Get rid of the problem not the shoes!!


Have you had any similar experiences?


Author: brunosalcedo

Can't spell Bruno without a run. I do game theory between long runs.

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