PGH Marathon training – Week 1/16

week1 run

The first week of a training cycle is always exciting. This is week 1 of my 16-week training plan for the 2016 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, and it is a specially exciting cycle for me.

Last fall I was training for my first Boston qualifying attempt, but then work got in the way. From mid October to mid December, I was barely sleeping, had no time to cook or train properly, and some weeks I didn’t even run at all! So, I backed out from the Philly marathon and only did the half instead.

Now, things are back to normal and I feel ready to go. Something tells this next cycle will be full of excitement and good news.

The day by day workout breakdown was as follows:

  • Monday Morning: 1 mile swim including 10 x 25m @ 19 sec. Afternoon: Les Mills Grit™ 30:00 min HIIT class
  • Tuesday Morning: 6.29 miles run @ 7:59 min/mile on fresh slippery snow. Afternoon: upper body lifting workout
  • Wednesday — Easy swim for a semi-rest day
  • Thursday Morning: 4.92 miles run @ 6:47 min miles average (random pickups since the track was closed). Afternoon: full body lifting workout
  • Friday — Fitology Studio 3 class combo (30 min indoor cycling +  30 min lifting + 30 min core)
  • Saturday — Full body lifting workout
  • Sunday — 10.01 miles run @ 7:17 min/mile

Food wise, this week’s menu consisted of two meals:

  • Lemon grilled chicken / red rice / rajas with cream
  • Mexican-style steaks / black beans / cucumber salad

Awful weather was an obstacle (no matter how bat it gets, bad weather is still better than the dreadmill). I wanted to do a hill workout on Tuesday, but we got the first snow (and whiteout!) of the season. The roads where extra-slippery and the visibility was close to null (check out the video captured by my good friend and awesome visual artist James Chen). So, I decided to play it safe and do an easier run in a safer and flatter neighbourhood.

To compensate, I wanted to hit the track for some 800s on Thursday, but it was closed because nobody cleared the snow :/. I had to improvise and run around campus with random speed pickups. I ended up doing 4.92 miles with an average pace faster than my BQ pace, so it wasn’t that bad.

I did a third longer run on Sunday for a weekly total of 21.06 miles with an average pace of 7:22 min/mile and an average cadence of 169 steps per minute. Not bad for the first week, but there is still a lot of room for improvement!

Overall, I am feeling like I am almost back in shape. I didn’t have to stop in any of my runs/swims, and I am mostly happy with my pace. However, somehow my cadence became really slow. Last year, I was running in the 175-180 spm range, and now I’m struggling to hit anything above 160. Next week I will focus mostly on my cadence.



Author: brunosalcedo

Can't spell Bruno without a run. I do game theory between long runs.

2 thoughts on “PGH Marathon training – Week 1/16”

  1. Nice job out there! Your fitness will come back, it just takes some time and a few weeks of training under your belt. I just finished week 4 and I am just starting to see some early gains, so hang in there. I’m sure all your XT is really going to help, too!

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